Time to demonstrate to patients your dental services in "not scary" way

Sometimes, a visit to the dentistry could be stressful for the patient. And some dental services could be difficult to understand or even frightening.  Animated video is the best practice to show the complicated dental process simply and clearly. In addition, our 2D animations are more affordable than 3D video or real footages. Implement this Marketing Innovation in the dental clinic or institution now.

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Our team

IRYNA ANTONIUK, co-founder

Creative Director in Done.Animation Studio, with 9 years of experience in Medical Marketing area. Developed and launched numerous "Medical & Health" mobile apps, medical mass media, websites and products, created the whole Marketing Strategy for 2 operating medical clinics. Co-founder of Anident, Gynecology.EducationMedplus1100cal. Now concentrated on Medical Motion Graphics.


Doctor of Medicine, Practicing Dentist with more than 10 years of experience, Head Doctor of operating dental clinic, author of lots medical articles and coaching sessions, permanent holder of Five Stars patient reviews. Director of Medplus, co-owner of AnidentGynecology.Education, author of WOWDENT blog. Now concentrated on Medical Motion Graphics. 


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Did not find the best for your business in our stock? If you need a unique animated dental video, describing specific process or service, or video for medicine conference, promotional animated roll, "how to" video or educational material, we will find the best way to deal. Please, contact us, using this form.