What Should You Do In Case of An Acute Tooth Ache?

Tooth ache is very unexpected. Sometimes it can suddenly appear even at the moment when we think we have absolutely healthy teeth. Unfortunately, such painful feelings are not so easy to ignore; in addition, they may be indicative of the development of a dangerous disease. What should you do, if a sudden acute tooth ache makes you go crazy?

What may an acute toothache be indicative of?

Acute toothache may appear due to a number of factors, such as:

  • Enamel and dentin damage during tooth brushing,
  • Dwarfed enamel,
  • Damage due to bruxism,
  • Carious process etc.

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We often experience painful feelings during caries development. If you do not treat this disease, everything can end sadly: you will suffer from a frequent throbbing pain, which will make you feel as if it’s not only a certain tooth hurting, but the entire jaw. This symptom most often indicates that infection from a cavity “eaten” by caries gets into soft tissues and provokes pulpitis, that is, the inflammation of the entire inner part of the tooth (nerves, vessels, etc.).

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When acute pain does not pass at all and interferes with talking and eating, a high temperature appears and it seems that the affected tooth is enlarged, this may be indicative of the development of periodontitis, that is, the inflammation of the tissues that hold the tooth in its place. 

What should be done if the tooth ache does not pass?

If the above symptoms appear, you should immediately visit a dentist to find out the exact diagnosis and get a timely treatment prescribed. If it is not possible to promptly visit the doctor, you can try to save yourself for a short while with rinsing and pills.

Try rinsing the oral cavity with decoctions made of the oak bark, lemon balm, peppermint, sage, etc. A lot of people use a miracle solution consisting of several drops of iodine, sea salt or soda. You can also resort to rinsing with alcoholic tinctures consisting of valerian, calendula, motherwort, etc.

As for pills in case of acute tooth ache, it is still undesirable to take antibiotics without consulting a doctor. However, you can use painkillers safely. Such medicines have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect and help relieve pain quite quickly (within half an hour).

It is important to remember that all such medicines should be taken after meals and washed down with plain water. Try to take analgesic agents not more than 4 times a day.

Even if you managed to still acute tooth ache for a while, do not jump into happiness, as it is impossible to completely get rid of a problem with pain management. Therefore, do not waste time and at the first opportunity visit a professional dentist, who will define the reason of the pain and tell you what to do to get rid of it.

Take care of your teeth! Do not forget that you should adhere to the rules for oral care, watch the diet and visit the dental office for a routine examination twice a year.